Press Release - 2004 Mid Atlantic Pet Pro Show

Energetic and Optimistic are the words to describe the atmosphere at the 2nd annual MAPP Show in Frederick, MD!

Our venders provided the first vote of confidence - we filled our booths with 37 venders, covering every aspect of groomer needs. Those venders were pleased with the sales generated throughout the 2-day trade show. Next year, we expect to make them even happier by bringing in more groomers who are looking for a bargain, an opportunity to expand their, continue their education, and have some fun!

Wag'n Tails Mobile Grooming Conversions sponsored our first Creative Styling Competition offering $1000 in prizes! First place winner was a surprise to all - an entry entitled "Walk Like an Egyptian", created and executed by Jessica Johnston, the grooming manager at Olde Towne Pet Resort in Springfield, VA. With a multitude of braids on this talented young lady, she carved her sculpture into the coat of a fabulous (albeit, very noisy) Samoyed named Osito.

The recipient of our Division A Best All-Around Groomer was also quite pleased with the generosity of the sponsor, Wag'n Tails Mobile Grooming Conversions. Vero DaSylva accepted the $500 first prize along with her trophy and ribbon, after competing in all five classes over three days of contests. Best in Show, Div A was captured by Linda Claflin, who received $500 in prize money sponsored by Animal Instinct, with A;ber. a Norwich terrier.

The division B contestants were pleasantly surprised by Les Pooch, who, at the last moment saw a need for a cash prize to accompany the ribbons and trophies awarded to Div B Best in Show and Best All- Around Groomer. Les Pooch provided $100 each to Steve Madonna for Best in Show and Irina Phillips for Best All - Around Groomer..

Oster once again sponsored Career Start with $450 in prize money and $285 in products for each contestant. The winners: 1st Michelle Badolato; 2nd Crystal Elsa; and 3rd Heidi Appel.

Sue Zecco is the contest Coordinator for the MAPP Show, and this year, our judges were Diane Betalak,Jay Scruggs, and Shannon Lynnes. BBird cojudged the Tag Team fun contest, as well as providing saturday night entertainment, which was sponsored by Peter J. Michel's, provider C-Mon Shears, and Animal Instinct. A special team, Sue Zecco and John Stazkeo, judged Best in Show.