Press Release - 2005 Mid Atlantic Pet Pro Show

The came. They saw They shopped! In excess of 250 people attended the 2005 Mid Atlantic Pet Pro Show, hosted by Animal Instincts, to enjoy shopping, competition, workshops, and quality networking.

Popular vender participated, offering an abundance of merchandise for enterprising groomers and shop owners. Dina Perry of Wag-N-Tail Mobile Conversions, Marlene Romani of MDC Romani, Randy Lowe of Precision Sharp, Archie Guvi of Global Internet Software, Clint Barrick of the Computer Barn, Michael Helman of Talyn Shears, Cindy Hemmingway of e-Controller, and Larry Appel of South Hanover Area Grooming Salon all offered seminars, demonstrations and workshops

NDGAA kept Joan Anderson and Sarah Hawks busy all day on Sunday certifying those working toward that coveted title, Master Groomer

This years judges did a wonderful job, and we thank them all! Janice Fehn, Wanda Dewberry, Diane Lee, and our Best in Show Judge, Sarah Hawks.

Our new "pet" contest format was well received by all. Youshie Shouse captured the Advanced Division Best in Show title, while Entry Division Best in Show winner wa Eve Hazey. As these contests measure the versatility as well as the expertise of the groomer, the most prestigious award, Best All-Around Groomer was taken by Youshie Shouse in Advanced Division, and by Eve Hazey in Entry Division.

Oster Professional Products presented the Oster career Start Grooming Contest, judged by Janice Fehn. Each of these new competitors is a winner, and we welcome them all to this rewarding aspect of the grooming industry. The placements were as follows: 1st, Nicole Jenkins; 2nd, Christie Kinney; and 3rd, Maggie Brownson. A Special Award was also presented to Maggie, as our youngest groomer - 14 years.

This opportunity for new groomers to get their feet wet in the contest arena benefits not only the contestants, but all of us. We extend a special thank you to Oster Professional Products for their dedication to grooming shows and the pet industry. Oster's representative, Janice Fehn performed in many capacities: judge, speaker, demonstrator, provider of critiques, and general helpfulness. Thank you, Janice.

Every show has that certain someone vital to the operation. We have a couple. Our heartfelt thanks goes to Larry and Tina Appel, without whose tireless help we couldn't have made it through. Larry and Tina will be assisting Animal Instincts with the production of the Fifth Annual Mid Atlantic Pet Pro Show, to be held the last weekend of February 2006, in Frederick MD. Information will be posted on our new website as available.